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"Whilst helping me prepare my audition monologue, Katharine’s years of experience, both in acting and teaching, became apparent as she helped me unravel the script and acquire a truly deep understanding of the role I was playing.

I also found the tutoring for my GCSE final performance very useful, as Katharine showed me the power and skill required to work well with other performers; something which is applicable both to the stage and to life in general. Recently, during my gap year, I have been lucky enough to assist her in some of her classes and witness first-hand the care and dedication she gives to her teaching. Katharine really strives to ensure each child feels special and thrive in her classes. She does this by discussing things with the children without patronising or babying them, thus making them feel capable of deeper and more profound understanding. It is amazing to see children leave her classes inspired by their own creativity."


"Katharine helped me to unlock my imagination and lose myself in a make-believe world, and helped to shape the confident performer I am today.

I started drama with her when I was five and stayed until the end of primary school. I looked forward to her lessons every week and always left them with the feeling of endless possibilities and creativity. Her lessons were hugely exciting.

I did work experience with Katharine when I was 16 and was continually amazed by her energy and enthusiasm. I began to realise what a difficult and challenging job it is and how talented she is at getting people to forget their inhibitions and use their own natural creative impulse.

She then helped prepare me for my A-level drama monologue. She completely transformed it from something average into an A-grade piece of work. I am currently studying popular music with a large performance element at Goldsmiths, University of London. Katharine helped build my confidence as a performer and taught me to trust my creative instinct. "


"My daughter first started drama classes with Katharine aged 4. 10 years later she still loves it with a passion. Katharine is so enthusiastic and fun. The children love her. "


"My kids have been going to Katharine’s classes since they were three. The classes have given them confidence and they are totally absorbed by the stories…they adore Katharine and say drama is the best bit of their week!"


"My three children were very fortunate to have started drama with Katherine at the age of three. They have loved lessons and we were waiting for the sessions with excitement. They have learnt an awful lot during these lessons: body language, voice  projection, how to improvise, how important knowing about your character was before you could act.. the List goes on. Most of all, there are very confident about standing up on stage and speaking to a group of people."


"My daughter Isabella has been doing classes with Katharine since she was three years old and today, at nine, she still loves going. The classes are not only varied and thoroughly enjoyable, but also present a real opportunity for her to be creative, think about the world from different perspective and explore often complex themes. Importantly, she has grown in confidence and I would say has become a thoughtful, intuitive child. I would thoroughly recommend the classes"


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"My four children have all attended Katharine's drama classes from toddlerhood and greatly enjoyed them. The classes are small, nurturing and inspire all the children's imaginations to flow.

In the advanced classes Katharine teaches established acting techniques which give the young people confidence, and solid platforms from which to perform and present. Katharine's classes are the highlight of my daughter's week and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

As these classes are not part of a franchised drama class offering, the benefits are that the children have the freedom to input into the class content, the opportunity to choose their own direction and create their own works which they find very exciting and enjoyable. These classes are inclusive and welcoming to all."


"My daughter has been going to Katharine's classes for three years now and has just signed up for her fourth. Every week she comes home grinning from ear to ear full of stories about the characters she's been and the adventures she and her fellow class mates have had. The chance to explore her imagination in a fun filled, supportive environment has been invaluable in developing my daughter's confidence. I would recommend Katharine's Drama to any parent whose child enjoys stretching their creative muscle!"


"My daughter has attended Katharine’s drama classes since she was a toddler and now in year 5 she still loves every session.  I believe the way Katharine teaches is very different from some other drama groups – the sessions are engaging, often informative, use rich language and really get the children to use their imaginations. Whether it’s learning about characterisation acting out mister men, splicing the main brace as swash buckling pirates, working out how to hatching out of a dinosaur egg or crawling through the trenches in the 1st World War... Children enjoy their drama sessions whilst gaining new skills and building their confidence."


"My daughter has been in Katharine's class for five years -- since she was 3 years old. When she started, she was an overwhelmingly shy little thing and I was amazed at how she was drawn to Katharine's powerful charisma, timidly hanging on her every word while trying to keep to the background. I have enjoyed seeing her develop over these five years in the class (it is the only activity she has not dropped or changed in that time). Now, thanks to Katharine's hard work, my daughter is a confident and eager participant, and still loving every minute!"


"Katharine's drama class has been a favourite for my children for the last 3 years - my son is now 13 and my daughter is 10. They really enjoy learning improvisation techniques, and having the creative freedom to act and develop scenes. What I like is that Katharine focuses on teaching them to act, and not just to perform."


"With her wonderfully creative and innovative approach, Katharine's classes are something which my daughters thoroughly look forward to each term. Katharine has an amazing rapport with her students, offering them fun-filled and challenging situations through which to explore improvisation. My daughters have attended her classes for the past five years and have loved every single one of them!"


Katharine Schlesinger Drama

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